Building 4 Philcrest
Compund, Km. 23,
West Service Road,
Cupang, Muntinlupa City,
Metro Manila, Philippines

Click the links to download the files.

INCA Product Brochures

Garbage Chute System

Grease Trap Primer

How to Compost with INCA Compost Bins

Inca Bins (in one page)

Inca Sit on Top 14ft Kayak

Low Volume High Density Fish Cages Primer

Map to Find Inca in Metro Manila

Inca Mariculture Products

Mariculture Fish Cage Table

Plastic Flat Bottom Boat Brochure

Rice Drum Seeder Installation Manual

Septic Tank Adtorial

Septic Tank Installation Manual

Septic Tank Primer

Standard Colors of Plastics and Swatches


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