Building 4 Philcrest
Compund, Km. 23,
West Service Road,
Cupang, Muntinlupa City,
Metro Manila, Philippines

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(Php Pesos)
D110 L OT drum open top * 110 - 457 dia. 826 Please call for discounts
D200L OT drum open top * 200 - 578 dia. 902 Please call for discounts
D60 L CT Closed top w/ 3/4" x 2" caps 60 - 362 dia. 686 Please call for discounts
D110 L CT Closed top w/ 3/4" x 2" caps 110 - 457 dia. 762 Please call for discounts
D210 L CT Closed top w/ 3/4" x 2" caps 210 - 572 dia. 953 Please call for discounts
D190 L CT drum liner for steel drums 190 - 565 dia. 832 Please call for discounts
SMALL CONTAINERSw/ small or wide top opening 20 273 267 368 Please call for discounts
30 - 318 dia. 457 Please call for discounts
40 - 356 dia. 438 Please call for discounts
HANDY TOTE in 300L, 500L and 550L w/ plastic or steel caster wheels 300 1022 705 762 Please call for discounts
500 1022 1022 750 Please call for discounts
550 1016 851 826 Please call for discounts
INCA Bulk container with steel pallet ** 1000 1200 1000 1350 Please call for discounts

All prices are indicative, FOB Muntinlupa City Metro Manila Philippines, VAT excluded.
All plastic products are made of Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), and are UV stabilized for outdoor protection. Polyethylene is a recyclable material.
For Provincial arrangements, please call us at +63 2 809 2776 or PROVINCIAL TOLL FREE 1-800-1888-4622.
* Translucent, so level of liquid content can be seen. Fitted with 3/4" outlet at bottom and drum body is graduated for easy measurement of content. A 20-Ft container van (8'x8'x20ft) can load 80 pieces of 200 liter or 210 liter Drums. For other transport details, please call.
** Multitrip and reconditionable (10x). Inner container made from virgin polyethylene, rotationally molded. Outer frame made from rigid, welded steel grid. Can fit 42 units in one (1) 40ft container van.
All other items are made from virgin and food grade Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) or High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material. Resin material is also compounded with ultra violet stabilizers for long lasting outdoor use. All accessories and fittings are polyethylene with Nitrile or EPDM gaskets and comes with full supply support. We accept other custom design plastic products. Please call for details or chemical compatibility.


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