Building 4 Philcrest
Compund, Km. 23,
West Service Road,
Cupang, Muntinlupa City,
Metro Manila, Philippines

  • Material: HDPE
  • Available Colors" Blue, Red, Gray
  • Size: 1.15m x 1.15m x 2.3m
  • Accessories:
  • Soap holder; foot step; mirror;
  • internal plumbing without visible exterior piping;
  • corner panel access to plumbing;
  • hot and water cold inlet
  • raer 40mm drain point
  • Weight: 102Kgs.
  • Main Material: HDPE, uv-proof
  • Size: 70cm x 35cm x 105cm
  • Capacity:
  • Water Tank 45L
  • Waste Tank 45L
  • Functioning: Foot Operated
  • Specifications:
  • Liquid Soap Dispenser
  • Paper Towel Dispenser
  • Duplex Station for 2 users
  • Application: Indoor & Outdoor

The Inca Sanitizing Plastic Foot Bath is product that has now become a public health requirement across all settings such as in offices,schools and work places to address safety and hygiene for protection from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Made from food grade, U.V. Stabilized, virgin Polyethylene resin and manufactured for more durability by rotational molding process, the foot bath comes with a plastic coil mat that is soaked in 1:10 mix of bleach disinfectant and water. Designed & intended to be located at various entrances of offices, classrooms, construction sites or buildings, the Foot Bath comes in several standard or custom colors to improve noticeability or visual attention. Maintenance of the Foot Bath and coil mat is very minimal and any unforeseen damage can be easily repaired by plastic welding.

  • Material: Food Grade Virgin Polyethylene, UV stabilized for outdoor use .
  • Dimensions:
  • (SHORT) 737mm L x 584mm W x 25mm H .
  • (LONG) 990mm L x 584mm W x 25mm H
  • (SHORT) 609mm L x 457mm W
  • (LONG): 863mm L x 457mm W

STFB 15000L



Introducing our new product water tank storage made from virgin food grade polyethylene resin approved by the U.S. F.D.A., and compounded with Ultraviolet stabilizers for maximum protection against tropical weathering when used outdoors. It does not rust, fade, crack and resistant to chemical attack or salty environmentwith the capacity of 15000 liters. With the tank dimension of 2285mm diameter x 3815mm Height x 12mm wall thickness. Features with 4-lifting lugs, 2" inlet and outlet compression fittings or flange fittings. The empty tank is lightweight and can be transported manually. The manhole cover is conveniently located at the periphery of the tank for quick access in viewing the internal contents of the tank. The smooth design around the tank assures structural integrity or strength of the plastic part even with prolonged static load. Standard color is BLUE or NATURAL WHITE. The plastic tank comes with 10years warrantee against any factory defect. Also available in 7000, 6000, 4200, 4000, 2200, 2000, 1500, 1000, 700, and 370 liters sizes.

Suitable for mud crab fattening or growout for soft shell crabs production. It is an ideal cage for Scylla Seratta or the common green mud crab found in estuaries and mangrove areas in most Southeast Asian Countries. Marketable sizes of mud crabs range from 250 to 500 grams. Made of virgin food grade polyethylene (P.E) resin, compounded with Ultraviolet Stabilizers to protect it from tropical weathering, every INCA crab cage has six (6) perforated compartments and can be deployed in rows floating about while partially submerged along the water surface. The color of the crab cage is black to simulate darkness in and to stimulate the nocturnal feeding habit of the crab thus increasing the growth rate. The size of the crab cage is ideal for a person to singly perform the stocking, daily feeding and monitoring and finally harvesting without difficulty. The crab cage is lightweight, can easily be transported or transferred and is much better than the traditional Aquasilv pond. A crab cage farm area of only 25 square meters with 36 units of plastic crab and a 12 crabs per square meter stocking density for mud will yield 216 fattened crabs in 15 to 20 days. Moreover, caged crabs results in high recovery rate of 99% due to the absence of cannibalism as compared to the 40% yield of Aquasilvi pond farms.

A floatation module that allows the grow out of seaweed propagules using 3mm diameter x 750mm long vertical polyethylene rope lines in a circular pattern or with a basket screen. The seaweed floater can be used as a modular system wherein other similar floaters attached together in-line or in-grid format and moored altogether to form an intensive growout system for raw seaweed production. Compared to traditional long rope line system with the same area, the yield of the modular seaweed floater is higher by 40% both for vertical rope lines or with basket method. Made from Virgin, U.V. stabilized Polyethylene (PE), the floaters are designed, engineered & locally manufactured by Inca's rotational molding technology. These floaters are modular, transferable, reusable and and environmentally friendly due to the recycling feature of polyethylene. Installation of mooring system is adapted to loading and underwater conditions and can be suitable to various water depths, shallow or deep.

A manure or waste management tool, biogas technology promotes the recovery and use of biogas as renewable energy by collecting, impounding and conversion of manure or waste to gas. Introduced and developed jointly by Philippines-Sino Center for Agricultural Technology (PHILSCAT) and INCA Philippines Inc., the 2.32 meter diameter 6000 liters plastic fixed dome biogas digester is spherical in shape and designed for farm use. Made from virgin Polyethylene resin, the biogas digester is rotationally molded seamlessly in one piece to make above & below ground installation simple. With an initial 1 ton load of carabao manure stock, the average biogas daily production rate after 3-days is 0.75 cubic meter (0.51 kg) at a temperature of 29 degree celsius. The average methane concentration of biogas produced is 67%. Harvested biogas can now be used for household lighting, cooking, & heating up to 6 hours per day (2hrs x 3).

INCA's Hatchery Tank is an above ground multi-functional tank. It is ideal for hatcheries both for fresh or brackish water and applicable for larval, fingerling, algal, rotifier, conditioning and treatment. It can also be utilized as a Low Volume High Density (LVHD) aboveground fish tank with Urban Agriculture using the technology of Aquaponics -- the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants wherien the plants are fed by fish waste in the effluent and the fish are supplemented with organic feeds. Made of virgin food grade polyethylene (P.E) resin, the INCA Hatchery tank is a seamless one-peice rotomolded plastic product, compounded with Ultraviolet Stabilizers to protect it from tropical weathering. Suitabe for intensive above ground grow-out of fresh water finfish such as pangasius, catfish, Tilapia, Gourami etc. It is designed for a stocking density of 100 fingerlings per cubic meter and can be expanded to form a modular unit, of say, 4 fish tanks interconnected alongside to increase grow out production. The tank is movable, portable and nestable for easy storage and transport. The tank can also be used as a chilling tank, staging or collection tank for post harvest operations. Inlet and outlet positions of the tank can be customized making a highly versatile plastic product. Warranty is 10 years against any factory defect.


Inca's Plastic Garbage Chutes is a system of rotationally molded plastic tubes manufactured from virgin Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) resin for maximum impact & structural strength. Polyethylene is non-combustible and resistant to humidity, acids, alkalis and does not rust. The system is designed in modular or sectional forms and installation can be customized. Unlike steel or fiberglass garbage chutes, polyethylene chutes combine strength, ease of installation due to its lightweight feature, plus flexibility in sectional maintenance, repair or replacement. The INCA PLASTIC GARBAGE CHUTE system consists of slightly tapered tubes with built-in intake chutes and polyethylene floor connectors without the need of complex fastening devices. An air vent on the top floor and a discharge throat tube at the basement floor is also included. A unique feature is the very smooth inner surface of the garbage chutes to ensure unrestricted flow of disposed garbage and reduced pest proliferation. Color is compounded in the plastic so there is no need for painting. Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. Options include the integration of sprinkler systems for cleaning and fire protection. Plastic Garbage Chute Specifications: Material is Virgin Polyethylene; Tube diameter: 610 to 675 mm x 4mm thick; Height: 1525 to 1565 mm; Discharge chute: 0.50 ; sqm surface area; Tube color: Blue, Black, Green; Options: sprinkler system, exhaust fan.

The INCA Modular Pontoon System is a flotation device suited for marine docks, boat wharfs, mariculture fish cages, commercial and recreational loading or staging platforms within inshore areas. Made of Virgin, U.V. Stabilized, food grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and manufactured in the Philippines using plastic rotational molding, the pontoons are one piece, seamless & designed to be interconnected with polyethylene pins with simple and easy to assemble procedures. Various configurations can be made on site with just 2-3 people working together due to its lightweight feature. On water, the pontoons can carry a load of 400 kgs for every 4-interconnected pontoons. For safety and convenience, accessories such as stainless steel or powder coated handrails, plastic fenders, belaying pins can be attached. For mooring, propylene ropes and mooring blocks ensure the pontoons to be anchored securely. Polyethylene material can be repaired or recycled to be made into other plastic products making it environmentally friendly. Modular Pontoon Specifications: Material is Virgin Polyethylene; Dimensions: 0.61mL x 0.61mW x 0.35mH; Buoyancy: 488 kg for every 4-pontoons; Internal volume: 130 liters each pontoon; Weight: 6.50 kg each pontoon; Accessories : Connecting Pin w/ nut; Distance disc, side fixation; w/nut, Fenders, Handrails; Colors: Orange, blue, green, yellow

The INCA single-seat Kayak is a one-piece, seamless rotationally molded polyethylene plastic product that is UV-stabilized for tropical weather use. Measuring 2,970 mm x 750 mm x 375 mm and weighing only 18 kg, it is easy to handle, load and transport to various destinations and comes with free standard life vest and double-sided plastic oars. The kayak is available in various colors such as RED, YELLOW, GREEN, ORANGE, PINK, PURPLE, and BLUE. Suitable for kayak beginners and enthusiasts. Proudly manufactured in the Philippines, it comes with a one-year warranty against any factory defects.

The INCA Modular Chair is an innovative plastic furniture part that can be assembled to produce several furniture designs such as various configurations of chairs and benches.This allows the Interior designer or decorator to specify, blend assorted furniture in various colors and maximize the utility of limited interior space of rooms or living areas both for indoor and outdoors.

The use of the drum seeder leads to better crop management and higher harvest yield. Immediate savings is realized on the quantity of seeds planted with the drum seeder compared with hand broadcasting method. Actual field uses show a savings of at least 120 kgs seeds per hectare. Another immediate benefit is the increase in palay harvest of 10% due to the proper distribution of planting seeds resulting in optimized plant spacing for maximum use of sunlight and soil nutrients. Developed with the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PHILRICE), the drum seeder applies straight row seeding and controlled seeding rates from perforations along the circumference of the plastic drum seeder. Cost of labor for seeding and planting is also reduced since the drum seeder is lightweight, simple to assemble and operated by one person. The drum seeder, wheels and bushings are made of food grade virgin polyethylene plastic resin compounded with U.V. stabilizers for use in tropical climates. To add strength in rough handling and severe field conditions, the drum seeder is manufactured by rotational molding. All plastic parts and accessories are locally manufactured in the Philippines and spares are readily available to ensure maximum utilization. The drum seeder is registered with the Intellectual Property Office (I.P.O.) under industrial design patent no.3-2006-000626.

Drum Seeder specifications: Material is Virgin Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE); External dimensions 2500 mm L x 600 mm dia.; Total number of drums seeders: 6 per set; Tare weight: ~10 kg; Seeding output is 1-1.5 hectares per day; Labor requirement is 1 man-hour/day; spacing between rows is 200 mm; Seed preparation will be 24 hours soaking, 24 hours incubation (wet seeding); Number of rows is 12 equivalent to 2400 mm width; Seed capacity 12 kgs; Seeding rate is 20-60 kg per hectare.

The SSF/x slow sand filter produces high quality, biologically safe drinking water from various sources including shallow and deep wells, streams, springs, lakes and ponds. The SSF/x combines reliable and time-honored principles with modern innovation to remove up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, Giardia, eColi, Criptosporidium, cysts, and parasites through perdition or biological and physical processes. The SSF/x also removes turbidity (cloudiness) and reduces iron, manganese, and other common contaminates. Requiring no electricity or chemicals, the SSF/x can be installed and completely maintained by minimally trained personnel. The filter tank is made from food grade virgin polyethylene material approved by the U.S. F.D.A. Slow sand filters are recognized as superior technology by the U.S. E.P.A. (United States Environmental Protection Agency), and the World Health Organization (W.H.O.). The SSF/x is capable of producing 1,800 gallons per 24hr-day of clean, safe and potable water. Tank specifications: Top diameter 1240 mm (49"); Bottom diameter 1010 mm (40"); Tank body height 1323 mm (52"); Tank cover (lid) height 203 mm (8"); Tank effective volume 1000 liters (250 gallons). Package includes one (1) plastic ball valve, one (1) inlet float valve with fittings, one (1) outlet plastic control valve, PVC piping manifold, washed and graded sand & gravel and instruction manual.


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